Who to Put in Charge of Employer Branding

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Who to Put in Charge of Employer Branding

When your company’s values are being reflected through every department in your team, you can be sure that your goals are much more achievable. If you have or are aspiring to build such a healthy company culture, you have a lot proud of, especially in Hong Kong!

However, as you consider your eventual growth, it’s worth considering that your ability to display this company culture to the outside world could be instrumental to your future success. With a considered employer branding strategy implemented early on, you will have a much better chance of acquiring the best talent when the time comes.

But who should be in charge of implementing these strategies and what needs to be considered when creating it?

The Necessities of Good Employer Branding

The development of an employer branding strategy can only be successful by understanding the product itself; that is, your company.

The decision-makers in your company should all be very familiar with your story. Your story includes knowing how your business works and what sets it apart from your competition. It also includes your specific set of values and your company’s culture.

The Human Resources department should have an understanding of how engaged your employees are with your story. To ensure that they are kept enthused, HR-organized meetings and cultural activities help your employees to remain activated daily, weekly and monthly to connect with each other and nurture the company culture.

Ultimately, these factors then must be communicated to the outside world; your story must be told. Whether to your customers, the wider public or potential recruits, your culture and your processes must be filtered out into an authentic message through a variety of mediums that will reach your target audience.

If these areas are addressed at every stage of your business's development, building upon your story with new recruits will be a much more rewarding process.

What Role Does Employee Value Proposition Play?

Employer value proposition (EVP) is how your employees and job-seekers view employment at your company. This includes the perceived opportunities for growth, the kind of people working within your team, your business and the work itself and the perks involved with each role.


If you increase your EVP, then you are much more likely to reach and acquire the best talent. However, this will only be successful if you are presenting your company in an authentic manner. False representation in the recruitment stage will eventually mean a higher turnover which spells increased costs.

This goes against a key benefit of an effective employer branding strategy, which amongst boosted productivity and maintained company culture is the significant reduction in recruiting costs. On top of this, misrepresentation can result in a tarnished reputation which can spell disaster for both customer relations and the recruiting process.

Who Should be in Charge of This?

The truth is, the development and maintenance of a successful employer branding strategy should not be left to one person but to a collaboration between different departments.

Firstly, who would know more about your values and reasoning for your existence than the decision-makers, including your CEO and board of directors. Chances are, it was a number of these people who conceived of the business in the first place, and it is their own passion and drive that steers the company on a day-to-day basis.

Secondly, who but your human resources department would have a better grasp on the welfare and organization of your employees? It is often the HR team who have their fingers on the pulse of employee satisfaction, organizing activities for connection and growth. As the recruiters, they are in control of who is added to the team and are therefore pivotal in the role of maintaining company culture.

Finally, when it comes to distilling your brand into a digestible, exciting message, there is no one else who is better equipped than your in-house marketing department. When it comes to reaching the right target audience, using the correct tone of voice, and utilizing the correct mediums, the marketing department is your best weapon.



None of these figures alone could successfully develop a plan with the breadth required to reach the full potential of an employer branding strategy but utilized together, their expertise can be amalgamated into crafting an alluring display of your EVP to your job candidates.

The Case for an Employer Branding Specialist

Although the development of an employer branding strategy requires the input of your decision-makers, HR department, and marketing team, it is recommended that you choose one or two people to coordinate these meetings and implement it systematically.

An employer branding specialist can liaise with the decision-makers to define the company’s mission and identify what makes the company so attractive to potential candidates. They can work with HR to understand exactly what is required of the role and what kind of person would be ideal to fit in with the company culture. Then with the help of the marketing department, they can ensure that the right message is communicated in the best way possible.

By delegating this role to a select person, you can ensure that there is some accountability in the strategy being considered across the board and a clear timeline around its implementation. However, the process of developing an employer branding strategy requires involved collaboration between teams and a clear methodology in bringing it to fruition.

To find out more on how to best harness the strengths of your team to develop an employer branding strategy, contact us and find out how you can help your business grow to its highest potential.

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