How to Make Quality Hire with the Least Resources

By Daniel Ng
How to Make Quality Hire with the Least Resources

This is a dream of every startup founder, HR personnel, recruiter and so on. While it may seem unrealistic, it’s actually achievable as long as you make the “right” effort.

Let’s break it down a little bit, the major problems you’re facing could be lack of applications and irrelevant candidates.

According to the latest HR survey by KPMG, 70% of the HR executives recognize the need for workforce transformation. In terms of recruitment, one of the definition would be hiring new blood. With millennials being the major workforce (around 55%) of Hong Kong society, you’ll need to make an effort on attracting talents.

Lack of Applications

Most of you would still be using the traditional channels and platforms for hiring, but that’s not working well.

Instead of spamming your word-only job posts there regularly in order to maintain visibility, how about giving millennials more information by providing pictures or even inside peeks? (want to see some examples? - Outward Bound; FunNow)

Just as you want to know more about your candidates, they also want to know more about your company. Not by reading “about us” or “our mission”, but truly understand your company culture and working environment.

And guess what? Our clients don’t lack applicants since doing so!

Irrelevant Candidates

It must be frustrating to screen resumes which are completely off track. If that’s the case, why don’t you look for the candidates yourself?

With Wantedly Scout, you can filter and search candidates by various criteria and target that exact pool of talents you’re looking for!

On top of that, our Wantedly Story also targets your ideal group of audience. Through telling your story and showcasing your team. They will be more interested in working for you, not to mention they are the people with the skill sets you wish they have acquired!

Of course, you could treat this article as an advertisement. However, you can actually do all of those on your own, as long as you have the right platform to host, market and populate them.

But if you’re interested in Wantedly, why don’t you talk to us and see how we could work together, leading to the your most successful recruitment experience? Or, you can download our Wantedly Employer Branding eBook here!

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