Insider Look:  Wantedly YEPP 2019

By Daniel Ng
Insider Look:  Wantedly YEPP 2019

Our Wantedly Year End Pool Party (YEPP) 2019 has already come to an end and let me show you what actually happened!

YEPP is held annually for every staff member at Wantedly to celebrate and enjoy after a year of hard work. Well, if you think that’s it for the international teams (a.k.a. Hong Kong and Singapore), this trip would’ve been a waste isn’t it?

First up, team photo yearly update! Despite the international teams photo shooting, each of us has also taken a Wantedly style headshot for our profile usage. (but I’m not going to show you guys here, contact us then you’ll see them on our icons!)


After a bit of a warm-up, here’s the real deal – Meetings Marathon! Amongst the international teams and the Japanese team, we had hours of sharing to and fro (what’s best is that they come with food and drinks). I know it might not sound interesting but it’s important to keep learning from one another isn’t it?


Alright, I know the prelude might be too long already so here you go, the highlights of Wantedly YEPP 2019!

What would you need to book if a whole company were to go to YEPP?


A fleet of taxis! (and trust me, you can never see the end of it)

yoshi and akiko

To get the party started, our CEO Akiko Naka (left) and CTO Yoshinori Kawasaki (right) both gave a short speech on their feelings of Wantedly having its 10-year-old birthday!

Then it’s time for food and drinks before having fun!


After the Wantedly Quiz, you can never imagine that it ended up in…


Yes! Rock-paper-scissors as the tiebreaker!


Here are the representatives of the teams who won!

Once again our CEO Akiko Naka came to the stage at the end and share with us her goal for this fiscal year – 1MPP (1 Million Purposeful People)!


“We’re not just aiming at 1 million users on our platform, but 1 million users who share our belief and treat us as a platform where they can find a job driving their passion,” said Akiko.


That’s the end of Wantedly YEPP 2019 (with a lot of bloopers hidden). Let’s hope for a better year for all of us, shall we?

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