4 Actionable Insights from Wantedly Employer Branding Guide

By Daniel Ng
4 Actionable Insights from Wantedly Employer Branding Guide

Hiring can be a time- and work-intensive process: sourcing candidates, reviewing resumés, and conducting interviews. To help you on your hiring journey, and help you find that “perfect” candidate, here are four practical tips from our Employer Branding Guide.

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1. No more “canned” job posts

On 99% of the job platforms, 99% of job posts are boring.

Therefore, get rid of the old templates which are crammed with 15 responsibilities and 10 requirements plus 7 qualifications.

Our must-do suggestion: create your own authentic job posts which will really showcase your company – who you are, what you do, and why the candidate should apply to your posting.

Everyone loves stories and if you put some creative effort into your job posts, such as telling the candidates why you started your business; or what’s the purpose of your company, your job posts will be more compelling and attractive, which means – more applications.

At Wantedly, we’re creating a world where “work drives passion”. Go beyond buzzwords, show them your authenticity and sincerity through achievements, team photos and interesting content to let them understand your team and company as a whole. In turn, you’ll have more qualified applicants who already identify with what you’re doing.

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2. We’re all human – PERKS!

Resources are scarce. However, perks aren’t always about money, sometimes it’s just about being considerate. Here’re some examples which require no extra monetary resources at all.

  • Flexible hours

    Some might think that flexibility only hurts the company – less motivation, poorer performance, increased tardiness etc. However, if you communicated well within your team, it could be the exact opposite.

    Everyone has their own energy cycles, or say – peak productivity hours. With a flexible schedule, employees are empowered to work when they perform best every day, while using some spare time for their personal commitments (at Wantedly, we have a semi-professional volleyball player!).

    This doesn’t only increase their performance, but also reduces their turnover rate and boosts the team’s morale, just to name a few. To show you a more concrete example, flexible work plans can provide a result of an 89% retention increase!

  • Remote working

    We’re living in the 21st century and what’s the point of having the whole team sitting in the office every day? We can work anytime and anywhere as long as we have our computers with us (and Wi-Fi of course). If you want a solid proof, read this article by Telegraph.
  • Happy Friday!

    According to our Wantedly Millennials Whitepaper 2019, 84% of the interviewees “strive for a work/life balance”. After a week of hard work, Fridays are our best time to catch up with our old friends or having a drink with the whole team.

    When employees are happy, the atmosphere always spreads across the whole company. Switching to the business mindset, it’s not just about making them happy as “employees who feel they have a better work-life balance tend to work 21 percent harder”.

    For example, we always treat Fridays as the best time for wrapping up our weekly progress in a more casual style, reviewing the week’s work, and getting feedbacks and comments to move forward.

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3. Showcase your work

Talented people are attracted to talented teams. Show to your candidates that you have a high-performing team and individuals.

I’m not asking you to expose the personal profiles of your whole team but how about portfolios? Previous projects? Or the best products you’ve produced together?

It’s always said that “your work represents you.” To attract passive talents joining your team, attract them with your first-class team.

A perfect example would be our client MADE Agency which displays both their projects and team photo on Wantedly and guess what? They’ve made the most successful hire ever after adopting our suggestions plus their own effort.

Check out their company page and see how the magic works.

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4. Re-think your hiring process

Out of the four tips, I’d say this is the most complicated one. By re-thinking the process, you can focus on:

  • How to best communicate your company’s vision, mission and values to the candidate
  • How to really get to know the candidate, and whether they are the right fit for your company culture. Traditional interviews don’t paint a full picture since the candidates are on full interview-mode – trying their best to be a perfect candidate.
  • Evaluate who really is the best fit for the role and company, for both short-term and long-term needs.

Take one of our clients Outward Bound as an example.  They had difficulty hiring outdoor instructors on traditional job platforms.  After using Wantedly, they received 110+ applications in just 3 months.

To help them find the candidates that were the best fits, they organized an information day, selection day and even a 14-day training course as part of an innovative hiring process. We helped them promote each event so there were enough qualified candidates to attend each stage.

To understand how their hiring journey changes with Wantedly, here’s their case study.

If you want to know more, click here to download our Wantedly Employer Branding Guide, or get in touch with us to chat more!

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