3 Insider Tips to Increase Your Job Post Applications

By Daniel Ng
3 Insider Tips to Increase Your Job Post Applications

Employer branding is all about the content and one of the most crucial pieces is the job post that you’re publishing on any job platform (not only Wantedly!). Therefore, we held a workshop named “Make Your Job Post Great Again” yesterday and guess what? Attendees were loving it!

A lot of HR personnel and recruiters have always struggled in creating a job post, or they simply look for a template, changing bits and pieces then expecting a talented candidate would show up from nowhere. Well, that’s not true!

Throughout the 1.5-hr workshop, Oscar (our Business Development Lead) and Tiffany (our Client Success Lead) have shared tips on how should one take advantage of a job post as a means of employer branding which helps you hire quality talents. Here’re a few highlights for your action!


▲It doesn’t have to be boring when we’re talking about job posts!

1. Tell a Story

You might wonder: what does it even mean? Our view is simple – 99% of job posts are boring. Therefore, if you have a story to tell, such as why you started your business OR how it is different working in your company than the others, candidates will be attracted.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or glamorous, millennials are looking for the truth, something authentic, but not a 500-word job description getting down to the nitty-gritty which drives candidates away!


▲For instance, it’s a 500-word-plus job description… Doesn’t it look too crammed to you?

2. Cut the Crap!

By cutting the crap, we don’t mean to be offensive. We simply understand that a great job post should be specific but not generic; be concise but not wordy.

For instance, instead of listing out a set of skills (which would look like a template as everyone does so), how about focusing on the results that the candidate needs to bring in? Such as “using your knowledge of SEO software to drive more traffic to our website”.

Moreover, we understand that some qualifications are necessary, then how about removing the unnecessary ones? Imagine yourself as a job seeker, if you saw a job post with 10 requirements and the other with 5 requirements, which one do you think you’ll have more chance of success?

Therefore, keep a few must-have requirements while sidetracking a few “nice-to-haves” is always the best practice.


▲Tiffany and Oscar had been very busy helping the audience with their job posts!

3. Not Everything Counts as Benefits

Whether you’re hiring for your startup or a corporate, there’re always benefits for your colleagues, be it monetary or not.

Millennials are always looking for learning and development opportunities, let them know how you’re going to help them grow if they were to work for you!

It doesn’t always require a ping-pong table or basketball hoop to woo the candidates, how about a Happy-Friday policy which allows everyone to get off work early? Or flexible hours for them not to feel so stressed?

Resources are always scarce but there must be a way for you to squeeze some perks if you were to expand your dream team!

After reading this summary piece of our event, hope you’ll get some insights from it and start working on your job posts! Don’t want to miss another Wantedly event or workshop? Let us know or stay tuned to our Facebook and LinkedIn page!

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