How to Turn Rejection Emails into Branding Opportunities

By Wantedly Hong Kong
How to Turn Rejection Emails into Branding Opportunities

Have you ever had a time where you were super psyched about a job opportunity and felt that you aced the interview but the company you applied for ghosted you? Sadly, I have.

It is never easy to draft and send a rejection email to a talent you’ve decided to take a pass on. No one likes to be the first to break the bad news to a stranger, and many of us would rather avoid the uncomfortable confrontation and #keepcalmandcarryon.

However, informing someone they are not going to get the job is the decent thing to do, despite analysing your recruitment metrics. If these talents took the effort to fill up the application form or the time to practice and show up for their interview, it’s a common courtesy to be honest with them.

"Why?" you may ask. That’s because most of us were brought up with this saying, ‘No news means good news’. That’s the thing — “no news” keeps us on the edge of our seats and more importantly, harbouring empty hopes and dreams.

Nothing is worse than hearing nada from a prospective employer, so it's crucial to communicate with your talents throughout this process. Otherwise, they might end up investing more time on your job post with follow up emails (maybe even calls yikes!) — only to learn that they are no longer being considered.

Here’s a more relatable scenario: You and I are in a relationship. If you do not tell me we’ve broken up, are we really over?


Another reason why it is essential to send a rejection email is that good talent experiences can positively impact your employer branding. Despite popular belief, a talent’s experience does not end when you decide not to hire them.

Talents who do not make the cut for this position may be a perfect fit for another. By sending the right rejection emails, you can build a strong pipeline of talents too. Not all relationships have to end on a sour note.

Here’s where well-written and thought-out job rejection emails come in handy. To save you the hassle, we have one prepped and ready for blast off!

Dear Talent’s Name:
Thank you for your application for the Position at Company. We appreciate your interest in joining our company, and we want to thank you for the time and energy you invested in applying for this position.
We received a large number of applications, and unfortunately, we have to inform you that this time we won’t be able to invite you to the next phase of our selection process.
We hope you’ll keep us in mind and apply again in the future should you see a job post for which you qualify.
Best wishes for a successful job search. Thank you again for your interest in our company.



A Little Goes A Long Way

Talents hate when they and their hiring manager fall out of touch (Who wouldn’t?). Even if these talents only completed an application and you have never spoken with them, it’s a nice gesture — honestly, it takes next to no effort with the help of our template — to let them know you’re moving forward with other talents.

Trust me when I say we appreciate receiving a response from prospective employers, both good news or bad. We can get so excited about job opportunities, and we want to know when it’s not going to happen so that we too can #keepcalmandcarryon with our lives.

After rejecting some talents, you'll need a new pool of talents right? Why don't we have a chat and see how we could work together?

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