How to Retain Talents in Creative Agencies?

By Wantedly Hong Kong
How to Retain Talents in Creative Agencies?

The advertising and creative industries are changing quicker than any other sector. From bold ideas, a fresh approach, the latest trends to new talents, they are always on the look-out for something.

However, there is no denying that numerous talents are leaving these industries. Not to mention, most agencies have no idea how to stem the flow besides pimping up their office in hopes to retain these talents.

It doesn’t help when Millennials are known to be fickle-minded job-hoppers who show little to no interest in their work. On the surface, you can find merit in these claims.

Underneath it all, they do care more about professional development than Baby Boomers! That’s why they’re quicker to switch jobs and up their A-game (Pssst..we’re all for more work fulfilment and growth opportunities!)

Various elements contribute to an appealing work culture. For starters, perks like Happy Hour Fridays, Mondays breakfast and flexible hours can — and, I guess, do — boost employee morale, but they’re not directly correlated to talent retention nor productivity.


Let’s be honest: Perks as such are pretty short-lived. Work, fun and growth, all of which are essential, but we face much deeper issues that cannot be fixed with work/office “benefits”.

Of course, that’s not to say that ping pong tables and happy hours don’t play a part in creating an attractive, and more importantly, “creative” work culture. But such perks are complimentary, never fundamental. The work is only vital if it is supported by professional development.

It has definitely become more prevalent for companies, not just digital advertising/creative agencies, to hire based on cultural fit and add, not just individual merits.

All of us are looking to grow in our careers. If you are not providing them with the right environment to thrive in and opportunities to do so, they will not be the most content in their current situation.

Tip: Recognise the need to invest in your employees. Prove to new hires that you are willing to stay with them as long as they are eager to learn is a great motivation to encourage the team.


Yes, it is hard to keep a talented employee for an extended period, especially if they aren’t making tangible progress at work. The last thing you would want to create is an environment where your employees feel like leaving is the only way where they can improve their career.

Once you have all of that covered, feel free to invest in a couple of bean bag chairs, a fancy beer pong table and crack open that craft beer you’ve been itching to try.

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